DJBL Online Registration



Emergency and Release of Legal Action:

I, the parent/guardian of the below named child, herby give approval for his/her participation in any and all Danville Junior Basketball League activities.

I  assume all risks and hazards incidental to my child’s participation, including his/her physical fitness and transportation to and from the activities.  I do hereby waive, release, absolve, indemnify, and agree to hold harmless the local Danville Junior Basketball League, the organizer, sponsors, supervisors, participants and person transporting my child to or from activities, for any claim arising out of injury to my child, except to the extent in the amount covered by accident/liability insurance.

In the event of an emergency and if a parent cannot be contacted, I authorize medical treatment by a DJBL board member and/or coach.

I further acknowledge by the electronic submission below that I have read and understand the DJBL Code of Conduct (available for review below and on the league website) and that my family agrees to abide by its terms, as player, spectator, coach or any other capacity at DJBL functions.

Online Registration Directions:

Welcome to the online registration website for the Danville Junior Basketball League in Danville, Indiana.  For the 2014-2015, player registration is $60 per player.  There will be no refunds on registered players after the registration deadline.

Parents of players wishing to to participate in the recreational and/or travel leagues may submit this form electronically and pay online below.  For each player registering, the parent should submit a separate form.  When the parent has completed the form for the first child, simply click the"Checkout" button and when the cart loads on the next page, click the back button on the browser.  This will bring up the form the parent just completed, allowing the parent to change the relevant player's information (i.e. name, date of birth, grade, etc.) as needed for the second registrant.  If the parent has only one child to register, just click "Checkout" when the form is completed to advance to the next page. 

For additional information about the travel leagues, please visit our website at the below links:


The DJBL does not want to exclude any child from participation due to financial limitations.  If your family anticipates an issue with the cost of registration, please contact league treasurer, Ed Wills at or 317-745-6853 for information regarding financial assistance.